Bigger Bellies boobs & thighs

an old one but a good one

you might notice I haven’t posted much recently, that’s because the true king returned as big boobs and bellies started posting again so as that normally comes up with the best content I stopped posting vids.

However for this one to have been missed is shocking its an amazing girl who even compared to her last video has seemingly gained so much. Amateurs of this quality are rare.


horrorxxxbelly from Utah “I had some mac and cheese for lunch and saw it bloated me a bit. I drank some soda while waiting for my fiance to get on skype. So I figured why not “


old video ripped from but dam she is sexy

I think Jagger has nothing on her honestly

Been debating posting some of her stuff for a while but this one was just so worth it.

She has more stuff that are previews of her clips for sale stuff, though by preview some are like 2 minutes long or more.

wow two very nice SSBBWs in the shower, very damn nice. Also this kind of content is why Dailymotion > youtube